A Little Of Our Story

I'm not apologetic about the results I have seen

I have watched women for the last 20 years serve everyone around them to the expense of their own heart. Finding what “lights you up” unearths new sources of vitality. We take the ideas out of your head and put them into reality. Through fresh perspective, we can watch the fog lift from limitations. Through laughter and relaxation, we leave with a fresher spirit than when we arrived. We can settle into the moment, quiet our mind, open our heart, and awaken our inner creator.

♡ After a two-day event, a client found the perspective and belief in herself she needed to make a new decision about her marriage, disengage from pain, and create a life and “her own business” she never thought was possible.

♡ After peering into uncharted territory, a client realized her deepest desire for downtown living. She found the courage to sell her family farm, buy a condo in a hi-rise building, with millions left over to enjoy her new life.

♡ After giving her permission to consider a new path, a client found she “lit up” on being a speaker and trainer more than her accomplished career in corporate sales. She became a trainer for a global company on the rise and her future income potential increased by 300%.

♡ After I helped a client see her false limitations, she went from painful and estranged family relationships to deep connections with a unified family who enjoys each other all year and a special family reunion every summer.

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