This is no time to go it alone!

Never before have we been given an opportunity like this to emerge, grow and design a life we love.

But rarely does it happen as a solo venture!
It happens in community.
It happens in conversation.
There’s power in connection!

JOIN US.  Start here and DON’T MISS what is here for you!

Ready to play with us?


Sandy Parker is a teacher, companion and living spark …
loaded with a tool box of tips and tricks you wouldn’t believe.

We’re not messing around and having a great time together. 

We are not broken.  We do not need to be fixed.  But we can all lighten up a little.

Welcome to a place where people (their lives, their relationships and their businesses) transform.

We do that with the tools of conversation (SparkChat), jumping in to the good stuff (Pay to Play), and straight talk (Here’s the Deal.)

Conversations offer growth, change, and ways to lighten up. JOIN the conversations.  Contribute.  Learn.  Share. Show up.
Click here to find the schedule and get ready to grow.

Put yourself in something that entertains you, expands you, or challenges you.  Say “Yes to You!” and watch what happens!
Here are just some of your choices.

Do you ever wish someone would just say what is there to say (and not hold back?) Whether I’m speaking to a group, coaching with you, or sharing my insights, you can count on that from me — spoken in love.
Find some inspiration here for you.

Go to those places that set a spark in your soul!

This is one of those places.