On a good day, connection is vitally important!

On a Covid-19 Day, our very well being can depend on connection with other people, our friends, our family and support services.

Sandy Parker and Lighten UP wants to help YOU serve your communities!

Lighten UP — a Lifestyle Solution – now a LIFE SAVER!

Active Lifestyle Communities revolve around activities they offer their patrons and home owners.  Their clubhouses are shut down and their Activities Directors are scrambling to find ways to serve and care for their patrons.  Once your community is learning this way, the sky is the limit on what they can enjoy together. This is especially important for 55+ Lifestyle Communities and those more vulnerable! 


We created an entire VIRTUAL CLUBHOUSE for a 55+ FirstService Residential community
Teaching zoom to a CCMC community of 2000 homes
A closed clubhouse did not stop 50 women from having their book study
One widow (after class) shared Passover with her entire family across the US
Board Members are holding meetings on Zoom and getting things done!
One group of ladies has virtual happy hour together weekly
Another group learned how to create cards and send gifts online
As crazy as it seems, this ability to be on zoom has enabled several entire communities to restore their activities and even expand their fun classes! 


1.  Connection is only one hour away!  Let us schedule a class for your residents this week.
2.  We are scalable for groups of all sizes with instructors ready to facilitate the numbers you have.
3.  Proven, reliable and easy to organize.  Testimonials available.
4.  Fun classes online ENCOURAGE people to learn.  Learning technology for the sake of technology is no fun.
5. You want Lighten UP to be a part of your team.  Your Activities Director does NOT need to be the “zoom answer man/woman” … they have other organizing to do.
6.  Our helping your residents is a POSITIVE REFLECTION on you!  Residents can be demanding and we can point them to a solution better than you can at some points along the journey of self reliance.
7.  We have a technical support team ready to serve them when their “cameras” aren’t working or “technology” needs are more demanding.

Technically challenged 55+ Clients LOVE US!
(and other age clients too!)

Our success rate is 100% so far!  They are having fun! 

This is not the time to go it alone!  We all need each other.

We can inspire them to live their best life. This is an INSPIRATION CHALLENGE (not only a technical one.)

The world is changing.  And we have to adapt.  I’m 64 myself and I know what that feels like.

I will do everything in my power for you to have this amazing tool
for being a part of what is happening in the world right now.

and I will personally get you set up!


CAI Connect

Let’s make something really meaningful happen today!

Welcome to the world of Lighten UP!
We are a community serving the world with lifestyle fun and connection!