20 Minute SparkChat with me


Here’s what I know.  In 20 minutes we can have a sense of what power we can create together.  I have a keen listening and am listening for what lights you up and what will drive your action.  If you are stopped or stuck, we can consider what working together might or might not accomplish.

No matter what … I want to know you.

Send me a text to 254-592-8067 for a one on one SparkChat.

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Illumination Session


The days of being overwhelmed by ideas that go nowhere are over.  I have a keen listening and can see what lights you up, what will drive your action, and most likely challenge the way in which the world occurs to you.  If you don’t change that, trust me, your actions won’t change either.  If you are stopped or stuck, this is for you.  If you are sad or overwhelmed, this is for you.  If your mind is filled with worry and irritants, you cannot create on top of that.  Let’s have an ILLUMINATION SESSION and clear out space for something new to be born.

Let's Make Something Happen

Unlock Your Potential / Be Free!

$997 / 3 sessions

Maybe you have been dreaming of a business that you could do.  (How long have you been dreaming, may I ask?)  If it is longer than 6 months, there is something stopping you.  We can assess what you want to create, find what’s holding you back, and set you free into self expression and a new reality.  Warning: This will require you to look, consider, and take action.  Without action, nothing will happen.  And I’m one action babe!  So come with me on a 3 session journey to more.

Shine Like A Star