Life Signature

The world is in such a crazy place right now.
It’s easy to feel “a-whirl” in it all.

It’s a perfect time to discover and remember what feels natural to us.
Learn your LIFE SIGNATURE: your two strongest archetypes
that act like your “operators manual” for your way of living.

Lighten Up Life Signature is a 3-week self-study
journey you take in a community of others.

Right now we’re creating custom classes for groups of 6 or more.

It’s a look at your Life Signature
~ a mini manifesto for living.

This entire process is designed to gently guide you towards identifying the two words that will become a mini-manifesto for meaningful living. The beauty of these two words is their simplicity.

Your Signature will become a constant source of validation, inspiration, and direction.

Identifying these two words is the intention of this program.


Minimum of 4 required to create a class.
Bring your friends and let’s set a special time just for you.

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