Life Signature

The world is in such a crazy place right now.
It’s easy to feel “a-whirl” in it all.

That’s why we’re doing this study on your life signature.

You matter. 
And it’s easy to forget or be unsure of our purpose.
This will help you discover and remember.


Lighten Up Life Signature is a 10-part, self-study
journey you take in a community of others.
It takes place over 6 weeks from November 13 – December 17, 2020
Fridays at 1:00 p.m.

It’s a look at your Life Signature
~ a mini manifesto for living.

This entire process is designed to gently guide you towards identifying the two words that will become a mini-manifesto for meaningful living. The beauty of these two words is their simplicity.

Your Signature will become a constant source of validation, inspiration, and direction.

Identifying these two words is the intention of this program.

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