The human spirit needs to connect.
It’s in our nature. We grow that way. We are happy that way.

Welcome to SparkChat!

I’m Sandy Parker ~ a speaker, teacher, coach and spark for people and business!
These are conversations so you can connect and share and leave empowered.
Some are topics that address current needs. Some are drop-in times for fun and community. Use it as it serves you. If there’s anything else you would like to learn, let me know.
I’m so glad you are here!

These calls will be made on the ZOOM online program.  It is an app for most smart phones and can also be used on a tablet or desktop. If you need assistance in learning to use zoom, I’m here for you.

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1 ~ Learn About Essential Oils
3 ~ Organizing Tips

10 ~ Calm and Centered with CeCe – open conversation
11 ~ Crazy Times Class with Dawn and Sandy – $10 week
4 ~ Marketing Magic

1 ~ DIY Wednesday
4 ~ Marketing Magic

11 ~ Crazy Times with Dawn and Sandy ~ $10 week 
2 ~ Ozadi Nature Break – Guided Nature Break for 30 minutes
4 ~ Marketing Magic – Co-working, drop in and ask questions

10 ~ Calm and Centered with CeCe – open conversation
4 ~ Marketing Magic – Co-working, drop in and ask questions
5 ~ Virtual Happy Hour

Calm & Centered: A sacred place to find your center and calm and get intuitive answers to questions
Tuesdays and Fridays
10:00 a.m.
CeCe Converse and Sandy Parker

CeCe is a psychic medium and intuitive coach with 20 years of experience helping entrepeneurs and leaders create lives of fulfillment, success and joy. She also does intuitive sessions moving you from confusion to clarity and fear to freedom. Sandy is an intuitive coach and helps people find what stops them so they can get in to action. She is also a Marketing Intuitive who can help you take your vision to reality in life.

So I am working remote from home, now what?
11:00 a.m.
Rolando Balli

Rolando Balli was the chief architect and leader of Dell’s Connected Workplace Initiative that made working remote a formal part of the work culture at Dell.
> How to set up your home office to maximize productivity
>Routines for your wellbeing and effectiveness while at home
> How to work from how when kids, roommates or partners are at home

Marketing Magic
Turn Your Vision Into Reality
Sandy Parker
Daily at 4:00 p.m.

You have something to offer: a product, a service, a flavor, a "way" of delivery. Invigorate your marketing with some fresh ideas. As a MARKETING INTUITIVE, we can explore new ways to bring life to your company that make a real difference including websites, texting, email and social media marketing, your workday. and much more.

Thursdays at  2:00 p.m.
Rolando Balli

Rolando Balli is the Co-founder and CEO of Ozadi, a company that guides organizations and leaders to integrate nature into the culture of work so employees can be healthier, happier and more productive. It’s not Rocket Science, it’s nature science – the science of your brain on nature. Actionable routines that you can implement today to have nature impact your happiness, wellbeing and productivity. How to get your dose of nature during times of restricted activity.

Organize something: You’ll thank yourself for it
March 23, 2020
3:00 p.m.
Amanda Pike

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Making Killer Designs For Amazing Clients
with Sandy Parker, Marketing Intuitive and Action Babe
As Needed
On Request

Watch the magic while we actually create a graphic for your next marketing need.

Private Conversation to DISAPPEAR SOMETHING!
with Sandy Parker
As needed
On request

Melissa helps people use natural ingredients including 100% therapeutic grade oils. She also has shelf-ready natural products on her site. How to make Hand Sanitizer and Sanitizing Hand Soap in 15 minutes or less including demonstration and recipes. Join us for a demonstration and recipe. Empower yourself and remove some of our dependence and fear.

Start with a 20 minute spark chat and make a plan for feeling lighter and relieved!

During this time while we're home, this is a good time to create the business idea you have had in mind for a while.
Sandy can guide you through the 1,2,3 and watch a dream come alive!

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